Providing Our Clients with Efficiently Coordinated Projects

The Foundation Division was established in 2009 to meet growing needs of our clients. In addition to our electrical power line construction divisions, our Foundation Division provides support to our electrical construction. This division works with our other operations to provide our clients with efficiently coordinated projects. 

Furthermore, this division operates independently from our electrical construction operations, which allows electrical construction competitors and non-traditional clients to utilize the services of this division. As an independent section of Southeast Power Corporation, the Foundation Division can also perform work as a subcontractor to other power line and substation contractors.

With over a half century of experience in the electrical utility industry, the Foundation Division’s work force is among the most respected in the industry. We take pride in operating at the very highest level of safety and maintaining the maximum level of productivity.

Our primary areas of work:

  • Drilled shaft foundations for transmission line structures.;
  • Drilled shaft foundations for substation structures;
  • Directly embedded concrete and rock backfill structures.

We have the capability to install drilled shaft foundations up to 13 feet in diameter and 100 feet in depth. We utilize the wet slurry, rock drilling, and dry soils methods, as well as vibratory caissons anywhere in the country.